Boys 5+ Program

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Make sure that your gym's recreational gymnastics program is on point with our Boys 5+ Program equipment. From pommel pod trainers to rings to ninja sets, our wide range of products are high-quality and durable. Check out our products now!

This pair of Polycarbonate Rings is great for training purposes. It is recommended for non-competitive programs and recreational uses. 
This Low Parallel Bars is designed for learning basic skills before progressing to the regulation bars. Round Graphite Bars provide optimal flexibility and strength. 
This 100 Series Parallel Bars is a versatile training unit that can be used in recreational and preschool gymnastics programs. 
These Handspring Trainers are essential for teaching back handsprings and can be used for kick overs and backbends. 
AAI's Firm Foam (Non-Folding) is the one of the best motor development equipment. This equipment is a criterion in tutoring rolls and auxiliary inexperienced adeptness.
The Resilite Class Barrier Mat has weighted, free-standing barrier pads that are designed to quickly reconfigure class space, direct class flow, or protect against hazards in close proximity to student activity.
Resi-Rockers can be hooked together to make a standing circle, two tunnels, a mini-pit, or a rocker. 
This Round Parallette Bars help your gymnasts gain upper body strength while learning basic techniques such as L-sits, V-sits and handstand presses.
The Octagon Booster is a cost-effective and innovative way to expand the diameter of the Octagon to the next size. Please note that the Octagon is not included.
Slanted blocks made for lateral movement with a nonslip surface.  Easily be moved to increase or decrease level of difficulty depending on age and skill level.
This Resilite equipment is a two-piece unit that can be used individually or stacked as one single unit. 
These Resilite Octa-Platforms, with hook on bottom, are of different heights and can be re-positioned to adjust difficulty or make new courses.