Ninja Gym

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A complete 13-piece Ninja Gym system is available in your choice of 12 vivid colors. Create fun and unique course levels for pre-K through elementary age groups. Available as a Complete Set or build your own course by selecting individual sets of components.

This Complete Ninja System is a reconfigurable Ninja obstacle course. It is suited for pre-K to elementary age groups.
Slanted blocks made for lateral movement with a nonslip surface.  Easily be moved to increase or decrease level of difficulty depending on age and skill level.
This equipment is a two-piece unit that can be used individually or stacked as one single unit. 
These Ninja Rumble Strips are made up of short obstacles for children to hop, leap, or bounce over. The set can be easily moved to increase difficulty. 
This Adventure Rock Ninja System Set's pieces can be easily rearranged to increase difficulty and create unique course levels.
These slanted blocks, with a non-slip surface, can easily be moved to increase or decrease the level of difficulty, depending on age and skill . 
These Octa-Platforms, with hook on bottom, are of different heights and can be re-positioned to adjust difficulty or make new courses. 
This two-piece unit can be used individually or stacked as one single unit. It also comes with hooked tabs. 
Rumble Strips are a perfect way to warm up kids and teach them how to keep their body tight while jumping forward and backwards.