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Our quality line of gymnastics bars are designed to be safe and improve performance. Best of all, they're all available for prices you can afford. Browse through our products now. 

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The versatile Midwest Spotting Platform works with ELITE Uneven Bars, International Asymmetric Bars, SRS System, International ELITE Horizontal Bars, pit bars, and other uneven bars.
Proudly Midwest-made, our Spot Blocks comes in 3 different heights to give gymnasts that extra lift to reach high equipment. These Spot Blocks can also be used as mats for drills. 
This stainless steel strap rail has built in pvc and includes a set of 10 straps. 
Get a PVC that fits your bar and for endless stations on a strap bar.
Get the most out of your money by purchasing these Bar Straps designed to help gymnasts swing with confidence without worrying they'll rip off the bar.
The CLASSIC™ Conversion Kit easily converts to UTB CLASSIC™ to meet FIG, USAG, and NCAA specifications.
This Quick Release Conversion Kit includes one pair of collars and locking quick release pins to fit AAI Single Bar Trainers. 
There comes a time when you need to replace your AAI Floor Anchors. Get yours at Midwest Gym Supply! Every new installation of AAI Floor Anchors will include the new design.
For years, AAI has been an industry leader for floor anchors. However, in the lifecycle of every product there comes a time when replacement is necessary. Any new installation of AAI floor anchors will include the new design.
This Style E Floor Plate is installed in floating wood floors, resting on sleepers or metal clip fasteners. 
On Sale!
The Style B Floor Plate can be installed securely anchored on wooden floors. 
The Style BX Floor Plate has the same features as the Style B Floor Plate, but with a longer knurled anchor.
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