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As one of the first equipment your students will learn to use, choosing great balance beam equipment is very important. Midwest Gym Supply carries the highest quality of balance beam equipment that will enhance your gym facilities. Browse through our products now!

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These Beam Leg Pads and Filler Systems are designed to cover the legs of the ELITE™ Balance Beams and the CLASSIC™ Balance Beams.
This AAI Beam Transport consists of two 30" x 10-7/8" x 5-22/32" (762 mm x 276 mm x 144 mm) transports including four swivel casters each. 
Our CLASSIC™ Rubber Reflex Springs includes one pair of each medium rubber reflex beam springs. 
Designed to cushion landings during balance beam training, this Suede Padded Beam will surely aid gymnasts in honing their skills. 
The Low Beam Adapter Kit converts AAI aluminum beam core to floor beam for use in teaching fundamental balance beam skills.
The Beam Target Block provides a wider landing or take off zone during balance beam training. 
Avoid unwanted mishaps on uneven bars or balance beams with this high quality block chalk made in Taiwan. It gives you better extra grip and makes even the trickiest routines safer and easier.
This Spin/Snap Lock Assembly, from AAI, is used on 407-440 ELITE Beam only. 
This Resilite Balance Beam Pad covers the beam to provide a softer surface for gymnasts during training. It fits securely around the beam with with Velcro.
This roll of suede is high quality and can be used as a protective cover any beam or other equipment in the gym. 
Balance Beam Recovery Kits Includes: Suede, Comp Pad, and Glue! 
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